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City of Ostend approves construction of Cargo Village phase 1A at airport Ostend-Bruges

Jul 13, 2021

Versluys Logistics phase 1 A

The city of Ostend recently approved the construction of Cargo Village phase 1A at Ostend-Bruges airport. The investment in modern and sustainable warehouses made by Versluys Logistics will bring the service for cargo companies to a higher level and further professionalize Ostend-Bruges airport. The construction and operation of Cargo Village phase 1A, a cargo warehouse with office space is approved within the already granted concession of the airport.

Focus on a modern and sustainable facility
The design of the new state-of-the-art cargo facilities will have a distinctly sustainable character, whereby maximum use will be made of renewable energy sources such as solar panels. With the use of green and renewable energy sources the carbon emission can be reduced which results in a lower operating cost of the building. The Cargo Village project phase 1A contains a more than 16.000 m² logistic warehouse with adaptable truck loading docks and a modern office. At the landside 16 loading docks and 2 sectional gates are provided. This casco building can be used by ground handling agents for transhipment of both in- and outbound cargo between the aircrafts (airside) and off and unloading of air cargo trucks or vans on landside. First and second line handling can be combined under one roof.

Traffic movements with fast and easy access to E40 highway
Next to the building there's a guarded and secured parking space with 78 parking spaces and a bicycle shed. There is parking on site for 48 trucks. Due to the location and separate roads parallel to the cargo facility the trucks are able to reach the E40 highway in Gistel faster and more easily. The traffic movements go around the airport and take place away from the commercial area on the Torhoutse Steenweg.

Existing environmental permit remains in force
The construction of this first phase 1A Cargo warehouse will not exceed the existing environmental permit for the airport. Flight traffic during the day and at night can operate in the existing environmental permit as is already the case today.

About Versluys Logistics
Versluys Logistics, headquartered in Ostend (Belgium), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Versluys Group. Its parent company Versluys was founded in 1908 and has since grown into a leading property developer in Belgium and the Netherlands, with more than 780 iconic reference buildings. Versluys Group is active in various market segments, including construction, residential project development, as well as office & logistics property.
Versluys Logistics meets the demands of the fast-growing international logistics market and operates as the umbrella company for all logistics property opportunities within the group. The 'Cargo Village' project at Ostend-Bruges Airport is based on the ‘build-to-suit’ principle: its cargo warehouse facilities make maximum use of renewable energy sources and have a highly sustainable footprint. In the first phase (1a) of the project, an air cargo warehouse of approximately 16,000m² will be developed, with offices integrated into it.

Press contact
Versluys Logistics - Marcel Buelens (CEO Versluys Logistics)