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Versluys Group becomes active as a logistics real estate player and signs an exclusive agreement with Ostend-Bruges airport

Sep 11, 2020

Versluys logistics

The Versluys Group has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for the development of certain parts of Ostend Airport in which it will focus on an expansion of 45,000 m² of logistics real estate. With this agreement, Versluys hopes to play a role as a logistics real estate developer in the long term, in addition to its existing successful activities in the residential property market. Pursuant to this agreement with the airport, Versluys founded ‘Versluys Logistics’. This new company will serve as an umbrella company for all the group’s future logistics real estate opportunities and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Versluys holding.

Sustainable logistics buildings in premium locations
Versluys Logistics will focus on three major pillars in the development and construction of logistics parks. Firstly, there will be a strong focus on the build-to-suit principle, offering customised warehousing developments to ensure that these facilities seamlessly fulfil the customer’s specific needs. Besides this, Versluys Logistics will only develop explicitly sustainable buildings, making maximum use of renewable energy sources. Thirdly, Versluys Logistics will only develop logistics real estate in premium locations, in keeping with a high-quality Versluys label that meets strict quality and safety standards.

Bart Versluys (CEO, The Versluys Group)
“The coronavirus pandemic has had a major economic impact, with far-reaching consequences for multiple sectors. The real estate sector seems, for the most part, to have survived this crisis unscathed. In addition to the booming residential market, the demand for logistics real estate has increased with leaps and bounds as a result of the fast-growing e-commerce market. The agreement that we have signed with Ostend Airport gives us the opportunity to also become a leading player in the coming years in this fast-growing market segment. High-quality logistics warehouses near airports are very much in demand. Ostend Airport also wants to take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a modern logistics cargo hub in the future. This agreement is definitely an important milestone for the Versluys Group. The establishment of Versluys Logistics is an additional catalyst for the holding, creating a series of additional vacancies. As such, we confirm our ambition to further diversify in different real estate segments.”

Marcel Buelens (CEO Ostend-Bruges International Airport) Sep 11, 2020
“The Egis Group is very pleased with this new public-private partnership for the development of Ostend Airport as a major logistics hub for Flanders, which is ideally located to serve Northern France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Our ambition and vision is to jointly develop the region, together with the ports of Ostend and Zeebrugge, as a logistics hub with huge potential for job creation for young people in our beautiful Flanders. The coronavirus pandemic has created a vast demand for air cargo capacity, and together we can meet this demand. We have the opportunity here at the seaside to consolidate the airport’s growth, within the scope of our environmental permit, and in harmony with and respect for its surroundings.”

Bart Tommelein (Mayor of Ostend)
“Collaboration makes us stronger, as we are proving yet again in Ostend, with our airport and our local entrepreneurs joining forces. By developing sustainable logistics facilities, the Versluys Group further strengthens our city as an international player in this market segment. We welcome the employment that the company will create as a result, including for low-skilled workers. Together we will transform our airport into a logistics hub for companies from around the world, an additional asset for Ostend.”

Charlotte Verkeyn (Alderman for Business, Ostend)
“The City of Ostend makes every effort to create plenty of opportunities for Ostend Airport, actively contributing to its development. This also means progress in the airport’s logistics expansion. The fact that the Versluys Group wants to be part of this new dynamic and will invest in logistics warehouses proves that they share our vision. We are very pleased with this new collaboration. The jobs that this logistics expansion around the airport will create are equally important: direct employment on-site as well as indirect employment in several related sectors.”