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Versluys Logistics, Ostend-Bruges Airport and the Port of Zeebrugge to set up a joint logistics platform for sea and air freight

Jun 01, 2021

Port zeebrugge

Following an exclusive partnership agreement Versluys Logistics signed with Ostend-Bruges Airport last year for the development of a 'Cargo Village', with logistics real estate in certain areas of the airport, a letter of intent was signed today between Versluys Logistics and the Port of Zeebrugge. This letter of intent constitutes the foundation of an ambitious concept that will eventually lead to an integrated, joint sea-air freight supply chain. The parties are committed to establishing smart connections between their respective gateways to the world, to form a single overarching sea & air gateway.

Advantages of logistics cooperation
By approaching the market as a single actor, Versluys Logistics and the Zeebrugge Port Authority (MBZ) will profile their airport and seaport as one large logistics platform that offers a solution to the logistical challenges of today and tomorrow. Integrating these different logistics levels is expected to offer two significant advantages, the first being that part of the sea and air freight segments can be mutually exchanged. A second advantage is the fact that the individual segments can complement each other, which in turn can support new forms of distribution. This complementarity between port and airport provides more options, greater flexibility and better control over the management of the actual logistics chain.

Bart Versluys (CEO Versluys Groep – parent company of Versluys Logistics)
“Due to the coronavirus crisis and the strong growth of e-commerce, among other things, demand for logistics real estate has increased sharply. The exclusive agreement we signed with Ostend-Bruges Airport last year provides us with a unique opportunity to become a leading player in this rapidly evolving market segment. After all, high-quality logistics warehouses in the vicinity of airports are extremely coveted. So I'm very pleased with the letter of intent we signed with the Port of Zeebrugge today. It lays the foundation upon which we can build a strong global logistics platform in the future. Through this partnership, all logistics processes can be linked within one large, worldwide sea & air gateway.”

Tom Hautekiet (CEO of MBZ / Zeebrugge Port Authority NV)
“The increase of globalisation is affecting logistics flows and contributing to the development of new markets. The growing demand for logistics means distribution centres near multimodal transport networks play an ever more important role. By establishing a joint platform that links our seaport with Ostend-Bruges Airport, we can generate strategic synergy and turn our region into an even stronger focal area for economic development.”

About Versluys Logistics
Versluys Logistics, headquartered in Ostend (Belgium), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Versluys Group. Its parent company Versluys was founded in 1908 and has since
grown into a leading property developer in Belgium and the Netherlands, with more than 780 iconic reference buildings. Versluys Group is active in various market segments, including construction, residential project development, as well as office & logistics property.

Versluys Logistics meets the demands of the fast-growing international logistics market and operates as the umbrella company for all logistics property opportunities within the group. The 'Cargo Village' project at Ostend-Bruges Airport is based on the ‘build-to-suit’ principle: its cargo warehouse facilities make maximum use of renewable energy sources and have a highly sustainable footprint. In the first phase (1a) of the project, an air cargo warehouse of approximately 16,000m² will be developed, with offices integrated into it.

About the Port of Zeebrugge
The Port of Zeebrugge is a maritime turntable that handles approximately 47 million tonnes of goods a year. Zeebrugge provides both intra-European and intercontinental services, making it an important gateway to European markets. The coastal port is a leading roll-on/roll-off port as well as a world leader in the transport of new cars. Zeebrugge is a perfectly equipped deep-sea container port and a hub for liquefied gas. As a Clean Port, Zeebrugge also has a strong appeal in terms of food cargo.

Press contacts

Versluys Logistics - Marcel Buelens (CEO Versluys Logistics)

Port of Zeebrugge - Tom Hautekiet (CEO MBZ / Zeebrugge Port Authority NV)