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Mainfreight establishes itself at Ostend-Bruges International Airport and rents a 4,520 m² warehouse from Versluys Logistics

Oct 10, 2022

Versluys Logistics afbeelding Hangar Aero Circular Mainfreight

Logistics supplier Mainfreight is establishing itself at Ostend-Bruges International Airport. As a global logistics supplier with branches in New Zealand, America, Australia, Asia and Europe, they are able to rely on their unique global network. In Belgium, the company is active at six locations, including in Ostend. In recent years, Mainfreight has grown into a leading company, whether in the city or by the sea, boasting a total surface area of over 100,000 m² at its warehouse in the industrial park next to the A10 motorway. This strong local presence is now set to be expanded further, with the rental of an additional warehouse spanning 4,520 m² at the airport. The warehouse will be leased from Versluys Logistics, a recently established subsidiary of the Versluys Group. At the same time, the former are also currently working on the first phase of their ‘Cargo Village’ warehouse project at Ostend-Bruges International Airport.

Cargo Village phase 1a is under way
The Cargo Village warehouse project being undertaken by Versluys Logistics is set to involve the construction of a modern air-cargo hub at Ostend-Bruges International Airport. The first phase (1a) of construction is at an advanced structural stage, including the development of a logistics warehouse complex with a useful surface area of over 12,000 m². Given the exceptional location and the massive logistics opportunities at Ostend-Bruges International Airport, Versluys Logistics has confirmed that it is in talks with several interested players in international logistics.

About Mainfreight
Mainfreight began operations in 1978 in Auckland, New Zealand, quickly growing to become the country's number one supplier of logistics. In 1984, Mainfreight moved to Australia and opened its first international branch. This was quickly followed by establishing branches throughout every corner of Australia. In 1999, with its acquisition of companies in both Asia and the United States, Mainfreight become a real global player. In 2011, Mainfreight acquired the Wim Bosman Group, whose Ostend branch would become part of the global Mainfreight network. Today, Mainfreight has 305 branches operating in 25 countries. Over 10,000 team members give their all every day to assist customers in achieving their objectives, while continuously pursuing the level excellence set out by our 100-year vision.

About Versluys Logistics
With headquarters in Ostend (Belgium), Versluys Logistics is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Versluys Group. Founded in 1908, its parent company Versluys has since grown into a leading property developer in Belgium and the Netherlands, with more than 780 iconic reference buildings to its name. Versluys Group is active in various market segments, including construction, residential project development, as well as office & logistics property. Versluys Logistics meets the demands of the fast-growing international logistics market and operates as the umbrella company for all logistics property opportunities within the group. With the ‘Cargo Village’ project at Ostend-Bruges International Airport, the focus will be on its ‘build-to-suit’ principal for developing freight warehouse facilities offering a distinct sustainable footprint.

About Ostend-Bruges International Airport
Ostend-Bruges International Airport fulfils a vital role within Flanders' airport network. Since 2014, both the Flemish government and the private sector have been working on these airports' development. Through a public limited liability company (the 'luchthavenontwikkelingsmaatschappij ' or LOM), the government is responsible for the airports' basic infrastructure, with private airport operating company (LEM) EGIS responsible for commercial operations. Ostend-Bruges International Airport is fully equipped as a cargo airport. Since 2020, the volume of traded freight at the airport has grown by over 150% to 62,000 tonnes in 2021. Over the following years, the airport is committed to strong further investment in its cargo segment. To this end, they are set to construct a dedicated ‘Cargo Village’ boasting modern and sustainable facilities in collaboration with Versluys Logistics. Besides freight traffic, the airport also fulfils an important role in transporting passengers, business aviation and general aviation activities.

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