Versluys Logistics Warehouse 4.520m² storage capacity

Discover Versluys Logistics Warehouse at Ostend-Bruges airport

Versluys Logistics Warehouse


Versluys Logistics can provide a polyester fabricated warehouse with a width of 50 meters and a length of 90 meters. The building is completely barrier-free on the inside with a free floor area of more than 4.500 m². The hangar has two large automatic gable doors in the front and the back. At the tarmac is a gate of 40 meters wide with a free height of 13.70 meters in the middle. At the back is a 2nd large gate with a width of 22 meters and a free height of 8 meters. The warehouse is available for longterm lease. The building can be used for a wide range of purposes such as a general storage capacity, a ground handling facility for aircargo operation support or as an aircraft maintenance hanger (small body aircrafts A320-B737).

4.520 m²
90,40 m
50,00 m
Wall height
9,80 m
Peak height
18,90 m

Warehouse 4.520m²

  • floor area of more than 4.500m²
  • Available for longterm lease
Available from april 2023


Versluys Logistics luchthaven Oostende Brugge hangar 03
Versluys Logistics luchthaven Oostende Brugge hangar 01
Versluys Logistics luchthaven Oostende Brugge hangar 02
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Marcel foto Versluys logistics 25 05 2024

Location Ostend-Bruges Airport

Ostend-Bruges International Airport located in the industrial heart of the European Union has excellent access to Europe’s motorway networks and rapid access to the seaports of Ostend and Antwerp-Zeebrugge. The airport also has close proximity and quick access to the UK market. Ostend-Bruges airport has all the equipment and facilities for airfreight services as well as non-standard general cargo, perishable goods and live animals. It features a maximum of flexibility with regard to ground handling and a Perishable Center. Fire & Rescue equipment category 9 is available round the clock.

Points of interest

10 min
Bus station
5 min
5 min
Gas station
5 min

Nearby location

Bruges (city)
20 min
Port Antwerp-Bruges
35 min
Port of Antwerp (merged into Port of Antwerp-(Zee)Brugge)
1 h 15 min
Port of Calais
1 h 15 min


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